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17 June

I know i am really off the topic (of my channel/blog) right now but i felt its the right time to tell my views on this, as i was going through terrible mood swings lately,so i thought what could have been the better time ?!?
I was feeling quite sad the other day and i worked out all by myself to change my mind's SAD state into HAPPY ,so i thought why not to share with you too.
 "Happiness is a choice and a state of mind, not anything else."
" Its an achievement , which you achieve when yu do something for others and for yourselves."

P.S- Girls i am a Doctor so can trust me on this. :)

First and foremost thing is -

One and Only "Don't"- 
1. Stop comparing yourself with others and for that you have to stop stalking others too.
Though i am big time stalker and i love stalking People and even sometimes i stalk you guys too , but all i am talking about is to not do "stalking then comparing " i.e stalking  and then feeling sad or self pity.
            for example- after stalking your bragger friend, thinking like-
                                 "Oh she has got a dress from zara and look i am still  to going thrift stores and                                          all...arghhh"

I know its hard to do but all you need is to CHOOSE to be happy ,as because its just a choice.


0. Take "Happy/Duck/Potato/Fish- Face" Selfies
    Because seeing YOUR HAPPY FACE is what you need, to realise how beautiful are you.♥
1. Buy some happiness i.e -SHOPPING ♥
   This is my favorite option always :D

2. Sleep more
    This will relax your mind

3. Talk to friends
    Vomit it out

4. Make daily vlogs and watch them at the end of the day
    Experience your experiences

5. Trips
    Environmnet is equally related to mind

6. Fake it till you feel it
    like the PLACIBO therapy, ( like i have totally started believing in vampires, after watching TVD       :D)

7. Show gratitude when people help you
    Thankyou has got some magical powers

8. ME time
    Because all that matters is ME
9. Exercise
    YOGA is a boon to society

10. Go Outside
      Nature's beauty can heal even serious disorders

11. Do things differently
      This will force your mind to concentrate on other things

12. Do new things regularly
      Innovation is the result of diversification
13. Meditate
      Because its the only MEDICINE for mind.

Things you should ask from yourself-
# What do I want from life ?

Things you should tell yourself-
# Convince your mind that you are happy by noticing only and only achievements.
for example-
"I am happy.I had many reasons to be happy .like my dad is working ,my mom is happy with him , my brother is well settled and i am working fine or doing great in studies or earning enough as compared to nothing."

"Bad times or bad things happen with everyone and even the most happiest persons can be loneliest and saddest ever, so don't just analyse someone over there  facial expressions."

Your heart should be happy and that will be so, when only you want it to. 😘

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