Happy Birthday

17 July

And it was my birthday last to last Sunday. I know i am posting this blog post after almost ages, but i am very thankful to god that at least i am *haha*. Reason is very simple and that is - "i just got married" and all i can say is, if you are a just married woman, you can relate very well "wink".

I had spent 25 years of my life very well with my family and friends and i am very proud to announce that from this birthday on wards, i am all ready to spend rest of my life with the man of my dreams ♥.

This was my very first birthday with bae and he really surprised me. So it all started from day before. We actually fought over silly stuff. Went to Costa Coffee to have a nice cappuccino and fought over there as well *LOL*. Came back home at 11 while fighting. But as clock strucked 12, my heart melted because of all bae did. He bought a choco truffle cake, decorated it with candles on table, dimmed lights, set up the selfie stick and set the angle and sang the birthday song for me, so i had to. Awww i love him so much. I said same to you and he laughed haha. We ended up eating whole cake, listening music and not feeling guilty of it at all. Trust me it was hell lot for just 2 of us.

Next morning as i woke up i was gifted with a big rose bouquet. I tell u it was really overwhelming and surprising and on a serious note  i was not expecting anything like this from him. Just to let you guys know, he is a very simple, sweet and gentleman types lovely guy with a very cute and charming smile. One who tries everything possible to make me happy. He is a such a  nice soul and i really really love him.

Surprisingly my brother also came at our place and we all got dressed up and went for a good lunch. I did a subtle makeup and wore a long dress from Vero Moda in my favourite colour yellow or must say mustard. Bae also wore yellow colour just to give me company. Brother wore green instead as he does not love me *grins". And the 3 musketeers had an awesome lunch, went to nearby mall, hanged a lot, shopped at lot and enjoyed a lot. Then  went to mom and dad's place had cake again and finally came back home.

It was a very nice day. Every year I used to celebrate it at home with family and it was my first time celebrating it with hubby at our home. Earlier i was thinking i will miss my parents and brother and will not enjoy much but instead i really loved how the day went by. All i have learnt is that happiness does not come with occasions or festivals. It is already present right there in each and every moment. Its just that one has to believe in that moment. Happiness is a choice so better choose it. Every day is big, every minute is magical and every person is wonderful. So love all and life full ♥.

I hope you all are having wonderful day. Would love to hear how did you celebrate ya birthday? :)

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