27 October

"Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it" - Yves Saint Laurent 

Correct me if i am wrong on this, that most of the time, us girls buy 'n' number of fashionable outfits, stock them up in our closets, but when it comes to dressing up, every time would go for only some all-time favourite basic outfits, may be due cute-ness or comfortable-ness.

We buy outfits sometimes outta need and most of the time to keep up with every other trend in fashion industry and if we get super cheap deals at branded stores or flea markets. Which in return make our wardrobes cluttered, and then we always get confused what to wear from that mess. As a result, repeating that black legging and a hoodie, Daily !!

With that being said, don't worry presenting some tricks to properly utilize your wardrobe-

1. Weekday Moods
I do not know about you guys but my mom used to tell me that every day of the week has a mood and so has a color for it. She even told me the color codes, but as I love to do things, the opposite way, I changed colors as per my mood. For me, Orange for Monday, Green for Tuesday, Brown for Wednesday..... White for Friday..... and Black for Sunday. You also try it.. no ?!?.. By dedicating a color to every weekday, at least there will be less confusion (or no in case you have less items for that color) and also those un-loved pieces will also get your love and affection.

2. Survival of the fittest
If something doesn't fit, get rid of it because it won't survive for long. Even Darwin agrees to it. Get rid of those picks, which do not fit you now (may be you are planning to wear 'em after 6 months gym session), or got faded anyhow (because your mom by mistake bleached them) or which you are keeping for sentimental issues (your ex gifted you or your 16th birthday dress).  You can donate them to someone or if in case that was a pretty expensive affair, try renting it to someone (may be to a friend) and also earn some money from it. I do it all the time.  Check out Appstore/Playstore for the same, as there are plenty of apps for the same.

3. Basics never go wrong
For fashion is very dynamic, trends change everyday but basics never go out of style. Instead of spending lot of money on latest trends at branded stores every month, trick is to buy them from flea markets or thrift stores. Buy classics at brands. Trust me your LBD, blue denim jeans, white shirt, oversized hoodie and combat boots will never go out of style in future. So rather start investing in them.

4. Do I know you?
Just because that day aunt forced you to get that red dress or the other day when your cousin sister (at the time of her marriage) gave a purple biker jacket to you as a rememberance, you took them. And till date, not only you are unknowingly keeping them in your closet, but also those poor outfits never ever got a chance to feel your touch. Get rid of such pieces which you had bought/got accidentally. Such pieces not only use space in our closets  but also create confusion while selecting an outfit. Isn't it? Better help a needy then.

5. Organisation - the key to Success
For me, staring at a messy closet is more stressful than staring at a messy kitchen. :D That's the reason I prefer to organise my wardrobe, (not much just keeping similar stuff all together and  sometimes color-wise) almost every fortnight. Doing such session will just take half an hour to max but undoubtedly will save your hundreds of stressful minutes, during those running-late-morning-routines.

Try these tricks, who knows you will find a sea of NEW outfits to wear daily for months, without even repeating.  At least it worked for me. Do lemme know if it works for you too :)

Until next time. xoxo

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