Pompom Top featuring Forever 21

13 October

"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it"
-Dennis P. Kimbro

Good Evening!
In case you don't  know i am kind of trying to up my B-game (Blog-game :D), and in order to do that i went ahead and got an outside-shoot done for the very first time. I remember how i always used to look at  pro-looking blog pictures of avid bloggers and used to tell myself that one fine day i would click like them, for my blog as well. So yesterday was the first attempt to it . "kudos".

Now speaking of the blog post. When i talk about good brand-both pocket and fashion wise, first word which comes to my mind is Forever 21. I am a big time F-21 lover. I even went to the opening ceremony of their first ever store in Delhi, Lol I was fetus back then, but come on of course I had to, because , I was the only one who used to stalk and tweet them nonstop, and used to plead them to open a store here in Delhi, haha. anyway jokes apart . During one of my trips to the store, I was actually struggling to get a solid tank top or tee (Solids are always good options for layering ), because every now and then there is some or the other type of theme going on with their clothes.  I was switching shelves, and behind a black short-coat, I found this beauty. A Very mustard colored crop top with small pompoms over neckline and little ruffly-curve on lower side. Unfortunately I never got a chance to wear this such cute piece, since last summer (I even did a haul ), until yesterday. 

No specific reason but, all shades of yellow make me super-duper happy. I kept the whole outfit simple and paired it up with rugged jeans from VeroModa (which was a good deal), Orange sneakers and a tied up purple colored floral stole- " Perfect Fall Theme ". And as the arm holes were really big i had to wear something (It is India), so i grabbed this cute black caged bralette (to avoid unnecessary drama) :D haha . 

Here are some of the pics, enjoy ! More on my Insta

What did you wear yesterday?

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