21 December

"Glow is the essence of beauty"
- E. Lauder
 No matter what people say, hair treatments do make hair frizzy and dry. And to rescue my hair from the same, I have found myself one of the best solutions ever. 2 months before, when i smelled this Organix (Ogx) Argain oil of Morocco, penetrating oil in GIP 's NewU, I fell in love with it, the very moment. I was so excited to try the product that the moment I came home, I rushed to bathroom, washed my hair and applied it all over my half highlighted but kinda frizzy hair. And till date, i swear by this product.

After nearly 2 months of using this product i can proudly say that i have found one of the best products for my hair.

           What brand says:
They say it leaves you with full on glamorized hair that looks like its just been treated at salon (keratin and spa kinda), even when it hasn't, which I 100% agree with. Ultra light weight formula which gives silky perfection. It instantly penetrates hair shaft to seal in shin and protect from styling heat and UV rays. It removes frizz, strengthens and moisturizes dry, brittle hair to give smooth sexy tresses.

                                                                                                  What I feel :
It feels as though I just left salon after a hair spa session. Blow drying my hair after applying this makes them literally shiny and frizz free. Not only it make them look soft, they also feel soft. It stays there for almost 3-ish days. Best hair serum I have used till date. And last but not the least, it smells amazing too.

                                                                                                   How I use :
               I apply 3-4 drops of serum on damp hair working through lengths and then blow dry. i                                                   even apply it on day 2 or 3 of my unwashed hair and it works well.

                                                                                                        Price :
              725 INR
   Pros :
Ultra light formula
Gives silky finish
Stays for good 3 days.
Smells amazing
Makes hair shiny
Makes hair soft
Thick consistency
Non sticky and non oily
Excellent for styling hair

Cons :

Will I buy it again ?
I have already bought 2 bottles in Nykaa's recent sale :D

Any Suggestion
Go buy it,now..

The only downside to this product is that, I NOW WANT EVERYTHING WITH ARGAN OIL .  
(and btw yellow background as cz maintaining a yellow theme on my insta :D )
Until next time

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