20 January

" Fashion is about something that comes from within you "
        - Ralph Lauren

Being fashionable doesn't just mean wearing Gucci or Louboutin, for me it is something like being affordable, individual and kinda casual. Over the last couple years, I have actually learnt to look good for less. Infact I am sorta fan of individual and economical styles. If you ask me, I would love to go thrift shopping, get some super cheap picks, style my outfits and call myself stylish or sometimes i just DIY stuff :D. 
With that being said, lemme present today's post.
Today's blogpost is something which i would love to do in real life i.e. DIY.
If you are not from delhi, lemme tell you that weather here is now bit open with a pinch of warmth in air during daytime (One the many reasons why I have already started longing for spring ♥) , which eventually has lead me to restart experimentation with my summer clothes . (Don't get surprised if you see next few posts of just jumpsuits or my new denim shorts, informing you in advance :D)
So, the other day I wanted to wear all black (you know those monochromatic days of month), but with a touch of spring.
I pulled out this black round neck sweater from my wardrobe along with this black crewneck mid-length cut sleeves dress, pair of black leggings and lastly BLACK boots :D
Ahh and not to forget my new obsession -Black pure leather purse (which I have stolen from my mom's  ). 
And to add *summer-y vibes*, one, I rolled this fabric belt, from one of the mustard trousers I own, into my messy hair and tied a knot in front and secondly DIY-ed this yellow flower printed-dupatta and wore it as a vest. 
That's it !

I literally love how it turned out :)
To make the vest I  took two corners of the dupatta and joined them with mid-point of other side with help of safety pins and voila!  done !
♥ Sweater - Local store
♥ Dress - H n M
♥ Dupatta - Lifestyle stores
♥ Leather purse - Mom's
♥ Boots - H n M 
♥ Leggings - Zara
 ♥ Earings - Janpath
♥ Fabric belt - (From a trouser ) Forever 21

Hope you liked the look :)
Until next time
xoxo ♥

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